tapestry la church parking map

** We welcome all members and visitors to park at lots 1 through 5 during the hours indicated, but we ask that lot 5 be utilized as a last resort. There are also plenty of street parking available during the weekends.

Progress: 100%
Goal: $500,000


1. Why are we moving?


The owners of our current building at 2500 Wilshire Blvd. are planning to convert the property into condominiums so we do not have the option of extending our current lease. We also need more physical space in order to accommodate our growing church. Our 11:15 service regularly does not have enough seats and our children’s and college ministry are also growing.

2. Where are we moving?

We will be moving to 1501 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90015. Pastor Charles and the Building Search Committee pursued over 100 leads and conducted more than 30 building visits over the course of 18 months before finding a location that suited our needs and budget. The new building is a large warehouse-style building that needs construction to serve as a church but has room enough to address our growth needs for many years to come. Our hope is to bless this area and be a vital part of the renewal process of downtown Los Angeles.

3. What about Westlake?

The vision of Tapestry LA is to be a city church. This means that we see the entire city of Los Angeles as our mission field and that includes the area of Westlake. However, we sense that God is leading us to a new location in downtown Los Angeles at this time. It is our hope that we can continue to be faithful to God’s call on our church to be a light in our city in our new home.

4. When will the entire project be finished?

Our current target move-in date is end of July 2017. This date depends primarily on the City of Los Angeles permitting process and a timely, efficient construction process. Please pray for God’s assistance in helping all go smoothly.

5. How will we be kept up-to-date?

We will be giving updates through Sunday announcements, this FAQ page, and cell group leaders.

6. What can we pray for?

  • To reach our campaign goal of $500k.
  • Protection and safety for all the construction crew.
  • Completion of the project by the beginning of February, 2017
  • That God would cultivate a love for DTLA in Tapestry.
  • God would use Tapestry to grow and mature more disciples in the heart of Los Angeles.


7. Why should I complete my pledge and give?

We believe that prayerful, sacrificial giving can be a potent way to grow your faith and your reliance on God.
We also believe that participating in the fund will create a tangible bond with your fellow donors. That is why we are placing an equal emphasis on full participation of all committed members and reaching the financial goal.
We don’t want you to feel pressured to participate. We ask that you pray in order to hear from God if giving to the fund is right for you.

8. Is $500,000 the right amount?

Our budget is actually a low amount for the size of our new building. The new building is 38,000 square feet and is roughly three times larger than our current space. Many areas need renovation - wall construction, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), bathroom construction, acoustics, carpeting, paint, etc. All construction will be done “to code” which increases costs and time, but will be safer and avoid potential re-work down the line.

We could have looked for a more “finished” space but the ones we found were roughly twice as expensive in the cost per square foot. The rough calculation is that any savings in renovation costs would have quickly been lost by an increased monthly rental cost. Our initial lease period is for 5 years and we would likely exercise our option to renew the lease for another 5 years after that.

The majority of the cost is for construction material and labor. However, some of the budget will be for AV equipment that we will be able to transport to a future space, as needed.

Here is a breakdown of how the money will be used from our budget:

9. What is the difference between pledges and donations?

A pledge is a promise to give and a donation is the actual financial gift. You don’t need to pledge before you give but we think that the process of pledging is an important one.

The act of pledging helps you focus on the amount of a pledge separate from the logistics of giving. We think this allows for more prayerful reflection on the amount of the gift.

Pledges also help us anticipate how close we are to our goal as the actual donations come in over the course of the fund-raising drive.

10. How do I make a pledge

You can make a pledge by completing a physical pledge card available near the Square station in the sanctuary or the building fund wall in the foyer (on the left as you enter). You can also complete an online pledge card (see button above). You will provide contact information and the total amount of your pledge. The original pledge deadline of 10/31/16 has passed but we are still taking pledges until we reach our goal. When pledging, please note if you can meet our donation deadline of 12/31/16 or if you need more time to fulfill your pledge.

How do I make a donation?

Please fulfill your pledge by 12/31/16. You can write a check with “Building Fund” in the notes line and drop it into the offering basket. You can also donate using the credit card machine at the back of the sanctuary or online bank transfers or PayPal using recipient email

If you have any additional questions, please ask a staff member or a member of the Building Fund Committee: Ben Lee, Jane Oak, Allen Suh or Harry Yoon.

You can also give through PayPal.