We have officially kicked off short-term mission season for 2019! We will be going to 9 potential locations both domestically and internationally. Trips will be anywhere from 1-2 weeks. If you are interested in applying, please apply in the link below. Applications are due March 10. If you would like to find out more information about the application process, please direct your questions HERE.

Please read through this information before opening the application link below.

You will be required to complete a general STM application via Google Forms for TLA staff to read over and consider your involvement with this year’s STM. We ask that you understand the minimum requirements for your participation in the trips are: 1) committed to a cell group 2) have taken or currently taking the discipleship class, Experiencing GodAll applications are due by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 10th.

There is only one application, regardless of the location. Current trip details are outlined in the application. Please consider setting aside at least one hour to thoroughly and accurately complete the application.  The following are four main sections you will be asked to complete:

The number associated to each section references the number of questions you are to answer. The topic of some questions are listed below to give you an idea of what we’re asking you to complete. The questions are mixed with checkboxes, short answer, paragraphs.

General Information (6)

Name, date of birth, profession/field of study, etc.

Church Involvement (6)

Involvement with Tapestry’s Sunday service, cell group, and other ministries

Spiritual Background (16)

Brief testimony on becoming a Christian

Spiritual disciplines

Understanding of mission-oriented concepts

Past (short/long term) mission experience(s)

Location Preferences

Medical Information (8)

Basic information on health (at least in the past five years)

Medical insurance information

Emergency Contact