We Are Tapestry

We Are Tapestry

Our Mission

We exist to glorify God by making disciples through gospel-centered
and Spirit-empowered mission, growth and community.

What we do

Sunday Gatherings

We come together weekly to worship God in song and learn from the word of God. It is a chance for us to celebrate the work that God is doing in the midst of His people in DTLA. Anyone is welcome to join us and come as they are.

Cell Groups

Cells are an intentional space where we gather in small groups throughout various parts of the city to walk together in life. We spend time eating together, reflecting on the Word of God, and praying for one another so that we can live out our gospel identities within and beyond our cells.

Who we are


The gospel is the story of Jesus who came in the form of a servant to bring renewal to a broken world. He served by giving His life, even unto death, so that others can experience the redemptive life of God. Through the cross, we have been invited into the same story and called to reflect the servanthood of Jesus. We do this by submitting to Christ’s lordship, to the leadership of the church, and to one another in a manner that glorifies God and builds up those around us. This means that we do not serve out of convenience or comfort but with a joyful passion driven by a sense of love, calling, and need.

John 13:14-15; Philippians 2:5-11

Family Member

Through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ we have been adopted into God’s family and have received new identities as His sons and daughters. As His children, we have been granted complete access into the presence of our Father. No longer do we fear condemnation but we freely enjoy intimacy with Him through the work of the gospel. As part of God’s family, we see it as our responsibility to personally care for and meet the needs of our brothers and sisters. We do not hold to a passive posture of only receiving but find it our privilege to disciple, pray for, and serve our new family.

Genesis 12:1-3, John 1:12-13, Romans 8:15-17


We are sent by Christ as missionaries to the world just as He was a missionary to us. In Christ, we have new life because He has reconciled us to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through His work on the cross, our sins are not counted against us and the old is gone. In the same way, Jesus sends us to live this vibrant new life of reconciliation to God, others, and creation by being filled with the Holy Spirit, being set free from our self-centered ways, and proclaiming this good news to others in intentional ways. Through Jesus’ ways, people were able to see and experience what God was truly like. We hope to be faithful ambassadors of Christ by being missional in our communities through Jesus’ ways of truth, grace, and care.  

John 1:14; John 20:21-22; Colossians 1:19-20; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21