Cafe Night Auction Items

We are collecting auction donations for our biggest missions fundraiser, SIP & BID. Auction items can range from tickets to sporting events, concerts, theme parks to services such as photography sessions or car detailing. We would also love any kind of... read more

#GO- When You Don’t Feel Called

It’s true, I didn’t feel a calling to go on missions. My girlfriend, Margaret, felt called to go. She spent weeks praying on it, then on the last day of sign ups she told me, excitedly, that she had signed up and it was a big step for her. Rather than greeting her... read more

#GO- Life After Missions, Still Running

Jambo! We made a lot of new friends, and we learned a lot about ourselves, our world and our God through STM in Tanzania. Some experiences linger with me more than others, but my biggest takeaway is that this life is a marathon. No one event, person, job or experience... read more

#GO- Fruit in its Season

In Amazon, there are two seasons: wet and dry. At once covered by rainwater that hides the land and trees underneath it, a lush land teeming with life characterizes the dry season. It is as if the Garden of Eden is waiting to bloom from underneath this rainstorm... read more

#GO- Shaken Closer to God

In the summer of 2018, I had the privilege of being sent to Cobán, Guatemala. Here were two of my biggest takeaways. One, God revealed how much I underestimated and limited the gospel. I thought I knew the gospel until missions training, when I was asked how I would... read more

2019 STM Application

We have officially kicked off short-term mission season for 2019! We will be going to 9 potential locations both domestically and internationally. Trips will be anywhere from 1-2 weeks. If you are interested in applying, please apply in the link below. Applications... read more

#GO- Gratitude = Strength (East Asia)

What did God teach me on the mission field? Gratitude = Strength. I’ll have to admit that when I signed up to go to East Asia for short-term missions with Tapestry, I went in half-blind. I signed up because I knew we would be working with youth students which I did... read more

God’s Heart for His Children

Tucked away in the back left hand corner of our church is the TapTots room, a cute and colorful room filled with toys of every shape and size and big plastic homes for the toddlers to play in. At first glance, the TapTots room is just the place when toddlers from six... read more

Into God’s Hands

I’ve always wanted to be in a serious relationship. I became so infatuated with the idea of being with someone that I quickly gave my heart away to the men I liked. Towards the end of 2017, I poured my heart into the hands of a man I was dating with the expectation of... read more

An Ode to 2018

2018. We started off our year with a clear vision that it was to be one of discipleship. A year committed to walking with God. But what it really taught us was that it is God who walks with us. He showed us individually and collectively as a church that He walks with... read more

Skid Row Housing Trust aka “The Trust”

I used to work at the Skid Row Housing Trust (also known as “the Trust”) which is a nonprofit owner and developer that provides permanent supportive housing for people who have experienced homelessness, prolonged extreme poverty, poor health, disabilities, mental... read more

For the City: New Rhythms and Baby Steps.

LA Trade Tech. Wed. Dec.13 at 6 am. Meet in downtown to provide free coffee and donuts to the students at LA Trade Tech during their finals week. This was one step Tapestry wanted to take to bless our neighbors, the students at LA Trade Technical College. Seems simple... read more

Magnificent Juxtaposition

Another year is almost behind us. As I age, an aspect of faith that I increasingly appreciate is juxtaposition – i.e. two very different things placed side by side for contrasting effect. In the past year, I was honored to be named Tapestry’s first coordinator for our... read more

Encounter Part 2 : Strong

I always thought that it was less acceptable for men, than women, to talk about their feelings. I mean let’s face it, it’s not the most masculine thing for a man to talk about his feelings. I often found myself feeling alone, unable to share for the fear of being... read more

A Promise To God

“If you wait until you are perfect, then you will never be ready.” I meditated on these words in prayer throughout the week following my baptism class, for I felt inadequate as one of the newest believers among my fellow candidates. How could I, someone so new to my... read more

James’ Update: 11/16/17

Hello supporters! It’s the 4 month mark of being here! I know I haven’t updated you guys in a long time so I just want to apologize for keeping you all out of the loop but I made a video update to share what God has been doing and some of the opportunities... read more

Encounter: Redefine

In this day and age, relationship-building is not easy for the average Christian male. Men don’t always naturally bond. Often, there has to be some sort of association or a shared common interest, for example, a fraternity-like group or an interest-based group... read more

Because of Christ

Because of Christ. Three words, a pretty powerful sentence fragment, something that is open to interpretation, something that is intangible, something that is not seen, but felt within the deepest crevices of our bones, our hearts, and our minds. At the beginning of... read more

The Creative Minority

Jeremiah 29:5-7 Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. 6 Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not... read more

God’s Bride

Nearly a month has passed and I still feel like I haven’t yet fully recovered. Selena and I were married on September 16th, and the stress that came with planning the wedding was strenuous, mind-numbing, back-breaking, and sleep-depriving. It sounds like I’m... read more

For the City: A Creative Minority

This is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Jeremiah 31:33 As followers of Christ in LA we... read more

Platelet Community

“Community” to me is like platelets that protect the wound by forming a scab where there is hurt. It gives a chance for everything underneath the skin to replenish and heal from its injury. In contrast to the joy of receiving healing, I’ve often feared the church... read more

Guided Prayer Tour

On Sunday, September 24, we will be offering guided prayer tours throughout South Park. We will stop at strategic areas in the neighborhood to learn about the people, issues, history, and needs of our city, as we pray for its welfare. Tours will be an hour long and... read more

Not in a Hurry – Faith Lee

As our voices came together in perfect unison, I felt this strong sense that this was exactly where we were meant to be – in the heart of worship. Having just ended my final week of my full-time internship, I came into the women’s conference feeling mentally short of... read more

Raising a Kingdom Army – Kiri Kim

Prior going on this trip, our team knew that God had something really special in store for us to see and to partake in as we were preparing to serve the youth camp in East Asia. For our trip, we were blessed to partner with workers who’ve invested in this nation and... read more

Intercessors in the Missions Field

Prayer changes things. When we pray, we invite the Father’s hands into situations, and the Holy Spirit can’t help but come, shift the atmosphere and change lives. This summer, at OTR, I rediscovered the power of prayer. God over the rain At OTR, we held a kid’s camp... read more

Vietnam Missions: Love Force of Encouragement

In the weeks leading up to our short term mission to Vietnam, many of us wondered what lasting impact we could possibly make in eleven short days. For most of our training, our team had little knowledge of what tasks lied before us on the field. As a result, our team... read more

We Are Family

Indonesia is one of the most densely populated nations in the world. It is also one of the most Muslim majority countries in the world, with 88 percent of the population claiming to practice Isalm. Yet a recurring theme we encountered during this trip was the fact... read more

Minesweeper (SH Encounter 2017) – Christina Liao

In February 2017, Kairos Christian Church (KCC) in San Diego, one of our sisters churches, formed a team to conduct the Encounter retreat for the women of our sister church Providence in SH (a city in East Asia). Three women represented TLA: Jane Oak, Jene-Robin, and... read more

God’s Will is God’s Bill – Kiri Kim

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! -Psalm 34:8 The past month has been one crazy ride for our team. We all envisioned going to India but due to security issues and tensions that are currently rising across the cities... read more

King’s Village – Rosette Lee

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all, now and forevermore. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives and we shall dwell in the house of the Lord now and... read more

TLA Sip and Bid 2017

Our annual missions fundraiser cafe night featuring raffles, auctions, dance, song, and spoken word by the amazing Jason Chu. read more

Engineering Principles – Dennis Chan

Training for Tapestry’s 2017 short term mission trips officially started March 25th.  Our team (Kevin Cho, Queena Kim, Gina Kim, Margaret Lam, Jene-Robin Myung, and myself) has been tasked to support a church in East Asia by establishing a STEM (Science, Technology,... read more

Simply Called to Worship – Erika Lam

People say that in their twenties they experienced the most tumultuous periods of their lives, as they struggle to balance work, find their passion and purpose (so millennial, I know), church, community, etc. I too, was a victim of the so called “quarter life... read more

A Change of Heart – Stephanie Ortiz

Before, whenever the word mission was mentioned, I always thought that you had to go overseas to a far-off place you have never heard of and learn a culture you don’t know and don’t know even where to begin learning. Never in a million years did I ever think missions... read more

Sub Mission Tapestry LA 2017 Family Retreat

Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.  –Phil... read more

TLA Missions Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

Tapestry will be hosting a basketball tournament on June 10 @ UCLA from 8am to 3pm as a fundraiser for our short term mission teams! 10 other churches have joined and we are looking to make 2 Tapestry teams. All proceeds will go to support missions. If you would like... read more

Learning to Emulate Jesus – Ashley Kim

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to volunteer for TapKids during Tapestry’s retreat. I came back from retreat greatly blessed by the messages I heard and the children of TapKids that I got to interact with during TapKids’ Saturday night program and activities.... read more

A Child of God – Jayhee Chung

Children are magical in the way that they experience the joy of God. They are almost blissfully unaware of the source of God’s gifts, but able to enjoy them more than your average Christian adult. I was extremely blessed to work with TapKids this past church-wide... read more

His will in His Way – Mina Chang

For the longest time, I firmly believed that I was called solely to my unsaved family members here at home. Ever since I became a Christian, I ignored the call to overseas missions, because I thought God would not be able to reach my family without me at arm’s reach.... read more

Nigera Team Mission Update

Passport confirmed … check. Support letters sent out … check. Visas … check. Café Night… check. Power point presentations created … check. Yellow fever shots … check. All the boxes are being gradually checked off. What was once a small light at the end of a long... read more

We Love Because He Loved Us First

In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent His only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. In this is love, not that we have loved God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so... read more

Mother’s Day Memories – 2017

What are some of your favorite memories about your mother and what were some valuable things she taught you? We invite four lovely mothers to share their reflections about their moms and they in turn receive a pleasant little surprise token of... read more

Anticipation Just for Me – Christina Liao

Retreats are hard for strong introverts. A ton of people + a new environment + shared sleeping quarters + lack of seating assignments = sweat & hyperventilation. Can I get an “amen”, introverts? Friday morning saw me crying in my office about going to... read more

“How To” By Dennis Chan

“How to’s” are a regular part of my diet.  Symptoms such as confusion, inefficiency, embarrassment, and clumsiness can result from inadequate consumption of “How to’s” on a consistent basis.  I’ve read books/articles and watched videos including, but not limited to,... read more

Alpha: the beginning, the base, the foundation

Let’s be honest. As someone who had gone through Experiencing God last discipleship season, I came into Alpha wanting something “less intense.” So, there I was, walking into Alpha, thinking it would be one of those what college students would call an “easy class.” You... read more

Hope Embodied

“For through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father. So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus... read more

The Underground Process – Sophia Kang

I always thought I would be a lot happier if I knew the exact direction that I am going. Confusingly, I create a web map of how far I’ve come and where I am trying to go, only to see that the ambitions are endless, while the excitement of past achievements are muted... read more

Short Term Missions

“My heart is free Because He loves me Completely. His blood poured out for me In the presence of my King I’ve been redeemed By the blood of the Lamb I can come just as I am By His grace I now live Adopted forever as His As son and daughter I stand with my brothers and... read more

Link Screening

The nonprofit organization, LINK (Liberty in North Korea), has invited us to host a private screening of “The Jangmadang Generation,” this Saturday April 8th at 7:30PM at church. This screening is a rough cut, and not the premiere. For more information,... read more

Comfort in the Discomfort

I raised my hand. With a growing sense of self-awareness, I looked up and let my gaze search the room for upright hands to confide with. Pastor Charles had led our Experiencing God (EG) group in an exercise of speed praying, prophesying encouragements to one another... read more

3x3x3 Prayer Campaign

Starting today, we are praying for 3 people for 3 minutes a day for 3 weeks. This is our Easter Campaign and we hope to see the friends and family you are praying for at our Easter... read more

Submission – Church Wide Retreat

Here’s a recap from last year’s churchwide retreat “Overflow” — sign up NOW and don’t miss out! Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus, who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with... read more

A Place Called Home

‘A Place Called Home’ serves disempowered youth in south-central LA. Every year, they provide an opportunity for high school seniors to pick out formal wear for proms and other high school celebrations, called “The Cinderella & Prince Charming Project.” Tapestry... read more

The Act of Creating – Janice Lee

Stepping into an almost holy echoing silence, the Creative Arts Ministry team walked into one of the many LACMA galleries. Museums have always been a luxurious, and even a sacred space for me. Grand and masterful works on display for the purpose of admiration, each... read more

Election, Friends, and Coffee

Local election is coming up on March 7th, which is as important as national election.We are gathering at Tapestry’s Foyer on March 4th at 10:30AM-12:00PM to discuss and inform ourselves of what is on the ballot.Bring your ballot, voting pamphlet, news clipping,... read more

Path Shelter – Sam Chang

Hello, my name is Sam Chang, and I have the privilege to serve at Tapestry as a mission’s ministry core member. Throughout my walk with the Lord, God has given me a heart for the broken, the marginalized, and the outcasts of society. On Feb 25th, the mission core team... read more

A Personal God – Grata Chung

I was an avid reader growing up. I was that kid who found excitement reading under the covers. I loved leaving the library with dozens of children’s books knowing that I only had 3 weeks to finish them all. I quickly made my way through the classics like Boxcar... read more

But God – Dennis Chan

We can all attest to how familiarity brings about complacency.  It’s why we keep adding more hot sauce to our tacos.  It’s why we don’t notice the dishes piling up in the sink.  And it’s why the gospel – the coming, the death, and the resurrection of God Himself for... read more

TLA Youth Sister’s Appreciation 2017

Roses, trophies, Zankou Chicken, gifts… These are a few things that the brothers of Tapestry LA Youth group prepared for the sisters. TLA Youth Group’s first Sister’s Appreciation Night was a success as many of the sisters felt loved and cherished. Throughout the... read more

Learning from Children – Esther Shin

Parents and teachers can attest that an hour spent with young children can be more exhausting than an hour at the gym. They can also attest that an hour spent with young children can be more teaching about what genuine faith is than an hour spent reading a Christian... read more

The Right Community – Sarah Cho

Mentoring is the cultivation of young adults, the tender caring for and nurturing of them so that they will grow, flourish, and be fruitful.” These wise words of Jeff Myers molded my mindset in the search for a new youth group. Church-hopping isn’t easy for anyone.... read more

Iraq – Missions Testimony – Esther Kim

Before I begin, I must say thank you because I know that I haven’t been here at Tapestry for a long time, nor do I know many people here, but I really felt the love and support when I left for Iraq, and I am deeply grateful for the prayers, love, and support. To begin... read more

One Saturday Afternoon – Esther Yang

I just sat there – not knowing where to begin. I thought I knew what I was going to say to Him, but the longer I sat, the more I felt my mind flat-lining. I came with weeks of suppressed emotions – I had quit my job six months ago because I was sure I heard His... read more

Follow Me – Dennis Chan

I consider myself to be pretty quiet.  Of the people who’ve been fortunate enough to hear me speak, most would probably agree.  So you’d think that I’d choose my words carefully, and that the words I hear, I would analyze closely.  But you’d be wrong. “Follow Me.”  ... read more

He is GOOD – Grata Chung

As a 1st grade teacher, there are countless days where I have to reteach a mini-lesson, remodel a math problem, and reread directions for an assignment. Some days, I feel like this is all I do. (Real talk.) “Ms. Chung, I don’t know this one.” “No problem, let’s back... read more

Tapestry College Ministry Discipleship/Lock in

It has been an amazing year of growth for our Tapestry College Ministry. We love to pray hard and play hard as seen in this video recap of our discipleship/lock-in night! Our first discipleship season has been challenging and fun in the best way possible. Please... read more

Skid Row Carnival of Love – Marian Ting & Jeesoo Lee

This past Saturday at the 3rd annual Skid Row Carnival of Love organized by actor Justin Baldoni of the Wayfarer Foundation, thousands of Angelenos of various beliefs and backgrounds converged on one downtown block and roamed the streets for six hours to inject... read more

Mission’s Testimony – Bryan Park

Mission’s Testimony – Bryan Park Hello! My name is Bryan and I recently came back from a two-week mission trip to Istanbul, Turkey. This was my first time stepping foot into the Middle East. We were serving in Turkey, but were specifically seeking Syrians living in... read more

“Love Your Neighbor” Babysitting Night

On Saturday, February 4, 2017 from 3:30-7:30pm, TapKids will be offering a Valentine’s themed babysitting event for families. Kids will be watching a movie with snacks then making Valentine’s crafts. Dinner will also be provided. Cost is $15 for first... read more

We Are Not Alone – Sera Chang

I knew I was going to commit to Tapestry on my first Sunday in November 2015. There was something special about that Sunday worship that showed me a mindfulness and awareness of God’s ministry overseas. This was important to me as someone who identifies as a Korean... read more

His Voice is Needed

The normally busy streets of Los Angeles were still relatively quiet. A city slowly waking up, as morning sunlight streamed across the skyscrapers of downtown and into our windows, and people laughed and talked quietly. The gatherings of a few, to pray upon the... read more

Game Night at Tapestry LA (Recap)

Check out our TLA Board Game night sizzle reel starring some good looking Tapestry members, flaming hot cheetos, your pick of board games and of course, a very cute baby. Winners all... read more

Invitations From Grace

Tired and beat, I arrived at On The Rug prayer. Bowing my head, I attempted to clear my mind of the racket of day-to-day life: the “I should’s” and “I should have’s,” along with the “I need to’s” and “I want to’s.” Fears and worries brought me to exhaustion.... read more

Loving the City

Hey Tapestry fam! For this edition of Loving the City, we will spend time worshipping and interceding for our city, nation, and world. We will also hear missions testimonies from Bryan and Esther, who recently came back from STM trips in the Middle East. Come for a... read more

Tapestry College Ministry 2017: A Grnine Year

Midnight taco runs. Endless metabolism. Bowling and broomball nights! Freshman 15? Do these things remind you of your wild college days? Last Saturday morning, the leaders of the college ministry at Tapestry met bright and early for a time of prayer, worship, and... read more

Make it a Year of Participating

Sliced. Sweet. Mixed. Hot Dog Buns.  Hamburger Buns.  We were told to sort and pack donated bread to be distributed to people in L.A. who do not have a steady source of food.  Boxes of food would go to schools and charitable agency sites to distribute.    After... read more

Reaching the Nations

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8) Tapestry Summer STM season is on its way! This year, we will be going back to Nigeria and... read more

2017: A Year to Love More

There he waits humbly dressed in a simple robe with a head shawl slightly draped over his eyes, creating a shadow on his face. His presence is warm and familiar. It draws me in. I call out to him to show me his face. I call out to him over and over, growing in... read more

We Remembered Our 2016

I lost count of how many times the word “remember” was used throughout service. It was a lot, I remember. Our sacred text, the Bible, instructs the people of God “to remember” many times. The exact count, I cannot remember. It’s natural to be reflective on the last... read more

Tapestry 2017 New Year Fast!

We start every year seeking God for direction and vision by going into a season of fasting and prayer. There will be a church-wide fast from January 2-6. We will have a prayer meeting every night during the fast from 7:30pm-8:30pm. On that Friday night we will break... read more

Tapestry Christmas Party 2016!

Take a look into our 2nd annual Tapestry holiday party filled with ugly sweaters, homemade wreaths, special performances, and a crazy gift exchange! T’was a Merry Christmas... read more

Tapestry Threads – Harry Yoon

I’m honored to be giving my testimony to you this morning. In particular, because I’m such an unlikely person to be giving a testimony. You see, for about 20 years, I was – for all intents and purposes – not a practicing Christian. What brought me back... read more

Loving Others – Part 2

“Love, before it becomes a behavior, must first be an Experience.” – Pastor Charles Choe Pastor Charles spoke these words one year ago about how to love others. If God can use even non-believers to love others and heal them, what sets us apart as believers? What can... read more

A Stream of Worship

…I Exalt thee… Isaiah 40:28 Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. GOD has been undeniably on the move at Tapestry LA through... read more

Loving Others – Rosette Lee

I have loved you with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31:3 We love each other because He loved us first. 1st John 4:19 He calls us to love others in the same way we are loved by God. In the selfless way that He sent His son to die for us on the cross. In the sacrificial... read more

Tapestry Threads – Alex Tran Testimony

For most of my life, success and the approval of others defined my life. I was always at the top of my class and my classmates looked up to me as a role model. Grades ruled my life and I was willing to do anything to succeed. I found a sense of identity in my... read more

Tapestry LA Church’s 1 Year Anniversary

It’s Tapestry LA’s one year anniversary! We have experienced God’s great faithfulness this year as a church family and we want to celebrate that together on 11/8. Please invite your friends and family to celebrate with us! In order to intentionally reflect on this... read more

How I met our sister, Shira

Kids, this is how I met our sister, Shira. A couple of months ago, I embarked on a self-education/health/encouragement trip to celebrate my official entrance into my (gulp*) 30s. My destination? The mecca of art, culture, and most importantly, FOOD… a place I... read more

Loving in a Kingdom Context

The sermon this past weekend had been about the second line in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” Queena, our cell leader, was asking each of us about our experiences, thoughts and feelings about the Kingdom and how we saw it being expressed and... read more